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TearDrop Flags - Order Custom TearDrop Flags Online!

Custom Teardrop Flags
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TearDrop Flags - Order Custom TearDrop Flags Online!

Custom Printed Indoor and Outdoor Banner Flags

Teardrop flags are built to wave in the wind, making them incredibly eye-catching, helping draw the attention of prospective customers and other passersby. Teardrop flags are reinforced with black pole pockets constructed of a high tensile elastic polyester binding.

Please note the actual finished flag size is smaller. The sizes listed include the printed flag and the base.

Teardrop Flags 
6 Foot Flags 20.75"W x 52.25"H
8 Foot Flags 29.5" W x 66.3" H
11 Foot Flags 38.5 W x 106.2" H
15 Foot Flags 47" W x 156.1" H

All teardrop flags are printed using a direct dye sublimation printing process. This means that the ink goes through the fabric rather than sit on top of it. This creates an eye-popping display.

The flag poles are constructed of a strong but flexible Carbon Composite material that is superior to other poles that have an aluminum base. Our pole hardware is now covered by a lifetime warranty! 

Frequently Asked Questions?

What sizes of teardrop flags do you offer?

We currently offer our custom teardrop flags in four different sizes. We offer a 6ft teardrop flag, 8ft teardrop flag, 11.5 teardrop flag, and a 15ft teardrop flag.

What material are your custom teardrop flags printed on?

All of our teardrop flags are printed using a direct dye sublimation printing process. This means that the ink dyes the fabric material instead of being applied to the surface. This allows the flag material to act in its natural state rather than be weighed down or made more rigid with ink adhered to its surface. It also makes your teardrop flag more durable and easier to clean if they were to get dirty. Direct dye sublimation printing is an important factor when it comes to designing and ordering custom flags online as it is the industry standard when it comes to flag printing.

What is the lifespan of your teardrop flags?

With proper care and installation, our custom made teardrop flags have an outdoor life span of 3 to 6 months. We do however recommend that you take your flag down and store indoors during inclement weather to help increase its lifespan.

Do your teardrop flags come with a warranty?

Yes, we offer a warranty on a prorated monthly basis for teardrop flags.

For example, a prorated warranty on a teardrop flags that fails 2 months after proper installment will be replaced and we will cover 33% of the replacement cost for a new teardrop flags.

Are the teardrop flags single or double sided?

Our teardrop flags are available in either a single-reversed print or a double-sided print option. 

If you select single/mirror print, your design will print on one side of the flag and be a mirror image on the other side. This is due to us printing our flags using dye sublimation. This printing process actually dyes the flag material causing a thru-print on the opposite side of the flag. This mirror image will appear faded and any text will read backwards. 

If you select a double-sided print, your image/design will be printed on two separate pieces of flag and sewn together with a blackout liner in between to block any light from shining through. This option will show your flag design printed correctly on either side. Double sided flags are recommended for any text heavy design, due to the fact the print will read correctly (left to right) on either side of the custom flag.

Do double sided teardrop flags have multiple layers?

Yes, our custom double sided teardrop flags consist of multiple layers of materials. When you choose this option we will print your teardrop flag design on two separate pieces of flag material and sew them together with a blackout liner in between to prevent light from shining through. When you select to have your teardrop flag printed double sided your design will read correctly (left to right) from either side.

What are my options for flag bases?

We currently offer three types of flag bases. We offer an Indoor 4 Leg Standard Base, a Spike base, and a heavy duty cross base. Our 4 Leg Standard Base option is a light duty base that is intended for use indoors. Our Heavy Duty Cross Foot Base is intended to be used outdoors and can be weighed down, or it can be used indoors. Our final base option is a Spike Base, this base is intended to be used outdoors and is made to be stuck into a soft ground surface

If I order a single-sided teardrop flag, will the image show up on the other side?

Yes, when you use the single-sided option on your custom Teardrop Flag the other side will have a mirrored version of the image.

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